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Who We Are?

GULEL is an online community brought to you by Baanyan Tree Productions Pvt. Ltd. that offers a spicy mix of reporting and commentary on popular art, culture, fiction, photography, politics, films etc. Created to be a no borders platform for exchange and healthy debate, Gulel recognizes the power of the audio visual for expression of thought. Gulel, (Hindi for catapult ) as the name suggests is all about hitting targets.  The idea behind Gulel is to create a space for people to share their thoughts and opinions in a public forum and direct them to the audience that they want to address. No political pressure, no policing.  We want healthy debate. Speak your mind.  Power is in the audio-visual.

The portal also has a wide range of portfolios of various budding actors, models, singers, musicians, young film-makers, photographers and script-writers. It provides them the perfect launchpad where they can share and market their respective works and services.

Our Team

Our diverse team of professionals from brand and communications, the social sector, journalism, the film industry, IT and research ensure that every aspect the portal is based upon- from the drawing board to the final product are delivered according to one’s satisfaction to produce material that will guarantee maximum impact.


Created in 1998, Baanyan Tree Productions Pvt. Ltd.  is an established communications agency with an office in Mumbai provides end to end creative solutions using film, creates content for radio and provides graphic design for print, web design and development.  With its roots in film making, journalism, advocacy and advertising, Baanyan Tree founded Gulel to be a no borders platform for exchange and healthy debate.

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Chetan Sharma

Lead Editor
5.5+ years experience in various domains like Advertisement and Creative, Employee Engagement, Events and...